Coronavirus Booklist

Having trouble explaining to your little ones what Coronavirus is and how it is impacting the world right now? Here you will find a booklist of free online resources that will help with understanding what the virus is, the emotions young ones may be currently feeling, and what we all can do to help. These resources include stories, printable activity books and read-alongs; most resources contain links for further information.

What is COVID-19 (AKA Coronavirus)?

Covid-19 Helpers Cook cover

Covid-19 Helpers by Beth Bacon, illustrated by Kary Lee. Pixel Tiles, 2020. 

This picture book is free to download and is impactful for little ones who may feel a little scared and unsure about what is going on with the Coronavirus right now. This book highlights the grown-ups who are making the world safe like healthcare workers, scientists, and even farmers and delivery truck drivers.  

Fuzzy book coverDoctor Li and the Crown-Wearing Virus book cover

Doctor Li and the Crown-Wearing Virus by Francesca Cavallo. Undercats, 2020.

This book is free to download once you provide your email and the language you wish the book to appear in. This book is great for young ones wanting to know how this all started. You learn about the first doctor that discovered odd symptoms in his patients before Coronavirus was officially discovered and what the Chinese people did to try to keep their citizens healthy and safe.

Learn about Coronavirus and Covid-19 book cover

Learn about Coronavirus and Covid-19 by the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, 2020. 

This free online activity book is aimed for school-aged kids to give helpful information about things like washing your hands and how to social distance. This resource also doubles as a printable activity book that contains fun games like crosswords, word searches, questionnaires, and coloring pages that help them better understand the virus.

Little Book of Germs book cover

Little Book of Germs by Brenda McCallum. Schiffer Publishing, 2020.

This free online activity book is great to look over as a family to learn exactly what germs are and how we can stay safe from the harmful ones. This e-book features a word search, a maze, and even a fun quiz at the end to test your new germy knowledge!

What am I feeling?

I Love You  book cover

I Love You by Michael Ross, illustrated by Bruno Iradukunda. Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union, 2020. 

This free e-book helps children understand the importance of social distancing and not being able to see your family members you don’t live with. It is also great to get young ones thinking about other ways they can show their love to their friends and family during this hard time. This is one title out of a series of COVID-19 children’s books provided by the NABU organization.

Many Ways to Share a Hug  book cover

Many Ways to Share a Hug by the Australian Childhood Foundation, illustrated by Jess Racklyeft. Australian Childhood Foundation, 2020. 

This free printable handout is told from the perspectives of hugs. Since we’re not supposed to hug friends and family right now, how can we show our love in different ways? This e-resource gives examples of all the good that is happening in the world right now and even gives you ideas on how to create your own hug!

What Color is Today? book cover

What Color is Today? by Alison Stephen. Alison Stephen Creative, 2020.     

This free e-book is a helpful resource for little ones who are not sure how they feel with all the different changes that COVID-19 has brought us. Emotions about the virus can change day-to-day and that is displayed with seeing these emotions as a variety of colors. Though it is okay to have these different feelings, it is important to channel them into something positive during this hard time!

Rainbows in Windows book cover

Rainbows in Windows by Yumi, illustrated by Karo Oh. Yumi, 2020. 

To download this free e-book all you need is an email address to enter. To listen to the story as a read-along, a link is provided to YouTube. Find inspiration in this book to help find a sense of community while you stay safe at home. How can we show support for each other while we can’t be together? Rainbows of course!

What can we do?

King Covid and the Kids Who Cared  book cover

King Covid and the Kids Who Cared by Nicole Rim, 2020. 

This free e-book comes in two different versions for kids. It is the same story but the first version is aimed for younger kids (age 4-6) while the other more in-depth version is for older kids (age 7-9). Though the two different versions vary in word choice and information, the superpower needed to fight this virus is the same throughout, caring! Bonus: this book doubles as a printable coloring book!

Mission: Stay Home book cover

Mission: Stay Home by Dalmaus, 2020. 

This free e-book comes in a variety of languages and offers a new look at the virus. This story is told from the perspective of the earth. The earth is sick and needs help from us to make the virus go away! It also features a printable sheet to write down all the things you are doing at home while you’re helping the planet feel better. Once your time at home is over, you’ll even get a medal for being a protector of the planet!

Bad Kitty: Wash Your Paws book cover

Bad Kitty: Wash Your Paws by Nick Bruel. Macmillan Publishing, 2020. 

Find your favorite naughty cat in this free printable e-book! Kids can hear advice from a familiar character and discover how important it is to wash their hands, and wash their hands well (even when you don’t want to). This is a lighthearted resource that little ones can read and be excited about. Even better, this book doubles as a printable coloring book as well!

A Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus book cover

A Kid’s Guide to Coronavirus by Rebecca Growe and Julia Martin Burch, illustrated by Viviana Garofoli. Magination Press, 2020

This free e-book is available through the American Psychological Association. Not only does the resource explain what Coronavirus is, but also gives young readers a sense of empowerment by calling all of the helpers of the world superheroes! We’re all superheroes right now and this book helps little ones see what kinds of good can come out of these hard times we may be facing right now.

Prepared by Children’s Services librarians
Allen County Public Library  Fort Wayne, IN