The Maker Lab

Everyone is welcome in the Maker Lab, but children under the age of 12 need to have a parent or legal guardian with them.  Want to sign up for one of our virtual programs?  Click on the "Event" section and search for "Maker".


If you have questions please email us,

for Georgetown -,

for Main -


You can also call the Maker Lab at Main after 1:00 pm at 421-1245.

Locations & Hours

Main Library Maker Lab

The Lab in the Main Library is located in the Main Hall in the former public computer room.

Monday                       1pm-9pm   
Tuesday   1pm-9pm   
Wednesday   1pm-9pm   
Thursday   1pm-9pm   
Friday   1pm-6pm   
Saturday   10am-6pm   
Sunday   Noon-5pm   

Georgetown Maker Lab

Georgetown's Maker Lab is located in the old magazine room behind the Adult Fiction stacks

Monday                4pm-6pm
Tuesday                      4pm-6pm
Thursday   4pm-6pm
Saturday   12pm-2pm
every other Saturday